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The Maskwa Redevelopment Project (June 2018 to June 2020)


The main objective of the three year initiative is to improve the comfort level of the facility making it a more attractive place to use as a retreat/planning and meeting venue.

The Plan


1) Increase the overall comfort level of the Centre through renovation and rebuilding

  • Build new central environmentally friendly sauna, bathhouse and washroom facility

  • Build new outdoor kitchen/gazebo using LEED construction principals

  • Renovate Hazel Henderson Cottage

2) Expand recreation and wilderness opportunities

  • New trails for cross-country skiing and biking

  • Increase camping availability

  • Expand canoeing and kayaking opportunities (ie, Maskwa River to Maskwa Lake)

  • Access new equipment to experience recreational and wilderness opportunities (kayaks, canoes, skis and bikes)


3) Apply appropriate technology that conserves the natural resources

  • Install central off-grid solar energy system

  • Expand and improve nutrient cycling/waste management systems

  • Expand and improve water/grey water/wastewater systems


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