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The Maskwa Project offers affordable accommodation and access to the outdoors.
The Hazel Henderson Cottage sleeps 12 comfortably, in 3 bedrooms with cots and bunks, also more space to sleep on the main floor.
It features a screened porch with a propane BBQ. The kitchen is fully equipped with dishes, pots, pans & cutlery. There is a 3 burner propane cook top.
One 18' diameter log structure that sleeps 5 on bunk beds and cots. It has a magnificent view downstream. It also has a gas cooktop unit, 2 burners.
A rustic two-person yurt on stilts, accessible by way of a stairway, with a view across the Maskwa River.
 A group use camping area suitable for groups of up to 20 people, with tents.
 Two 12’x16’ camping platforms, to support tents, either individual tents or prospector tents.
 A meadow area suitable for tents and small groups.
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