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About the Maskwa Project

The MASKWA Project Inc was formed in 1976 as a non-profit organization with the objectives to promote education and demonstration of energy conservation, environmental stewardship and appropriate technology.


Located on 53 acres of leased Crown land near Pine Falls, Manitoba, the Centre’s primary focus is to provide conference and retreat centre services to small groups and organizations which share or appreciate Maskwa’s objectives.


The Maskwa site is located in the wilderness along three (3) kilometers of undisturbed riverfront of the Maskwa River. The structures at the site includes the Hazel Henderson Cottage, a 6 to 12 person cottage; and two (2) yurts, with two and four person sleeping capacity. A bathhouse/sauna, outdoor kitchen/gazebo and camping platforms are also located on the site.


A large meadow offers excellent space for group games and activities.


The objectives of the Maskwa Project are to:


  • Maintain a wilderness campsite and alternate technology demonstration facility on the Maskwa River for use of the general public.

  • Provide low cost fresh air facilities for disadvantaged youth.

  • Provide a facility where the above concerns and skills can be demonstrated, learned and practiced.

  • Initiate programs of awareness and education about the natural environment and the conservation of natural resources.

  • Co-operate in programming efforts with similar like-minded organizations.

  • Provide a site for the formation of a co-operative community to support these purposes.


Since the development of the Centre, countless numbers of organizations have taken advantage of utilizing the low cost facility, citing the remoteness and peaceful surroundings as main reasons to book. The fact that it is located on the doorstep of Canadian boreal forest wilderness, and only a short 75 minute drive from Winnipeg, makes it attractive. The recent closure and decommissioning of the Pine Falls Paper and Pulp Mill also means industrial logging no longer occurs in the region.



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